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About Us

The Ontario Snowboard Club (OSC) is a privately owned, performance focussed team. Designed for competitive athletes aspiring towards expert riding skills and performances in the speed disciplines of snowboarding (Alpine and Snowboardcross). Our training programs vary from 25 to over 100 days of on-snow coaching and are designed for the athletes interested in a serious competitive career. We know first hand what it takes to have success at the national and international level, and we have created a training environment that routinely produces successful athletes.  Success is predictable.

We are a coach driven team. Our coaching staff are nationally recognized for their previous competitive experience and/or coach qualifications, many of them holding some of the highest credentials in the industry. OSC coaches are all trained and certified by the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP), the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI). In addition to our coaching staff, our Sport Science Support Team is comprised of several experts including strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, a mental performance consultant, a nutritionist and a biomechanics specialist. There is more to winning than knowing how to carve a turn so we emphasize developing solid training habits on and off the snow.

We understand that to make a champion we need to develop the whole person. Our training programs are athlete specific.  Goal setting is the cornerstone of our success and allows us to design the best program for each athlete.  We use our own analytical tools and resources to create individualized on, and off snow yearly training plans for each athlete to ensure that development is sequential, timely, and well-rounded.

The OSC aims to foster an athlete’s long term success in riding, and in life.  All Ontario Snowboard Club programs align with Canada~Snowboard’s Long-Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD). All OSC athletes and parents are encouraged to read this document as it outlines the pathway for long term success as a snowboard athlete in Canada.  Each OSC Team is geared towards specific objectives and principles outlined in the LTAD.


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