Sport Science Programs

Sport Science: December – April

Program Description:

Competitive snowboarding is about much more than just knowing how to rip. At Snowboard Club Canada, our sport science experts work in partnership with our snowboard coaches to provide a holistic approach for athlete specific development. Unlike other training programs, we include sport science support into all of our programs to give our riders the edge they need to be ready when it matters. As athletes grow, so does the sport science program. Always athlete specific. Cost: Included in team fees.

Sport Science: May – November

Athlete Description:

  • Athlete Age: 13+ years
  • LTAD Stage: Train to Train and Train to Compete
  • Strength & Conditioning Experience: Minimal
  • Competitive Snowboard Experience: 2+ years

Program Description:

You know that your competitors are training hard, and if you expect to beat them at the next event, you will need to train harder, or else they will beat you.

Overall Program Goals:

The Performance Training Group (PTG) provides the greatest opportunity to focus your off-snow snowboard training program with am athlete specific sport science program. The PTG has been designed with input from Canada Snowboard sport science experts to specifically prepare our next gen athletes to meet the demands of high performance sport. Stronger and smarter riders get better results.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Development and implementation of a periodized training plan.
  • Quantify mental skills and create a training plan for improvement
  • Introduce and Develop a fitness framework with increasing complexity to develop sport specific energy systems, physical conditioning & motor skills
  • Monitor and track training volume and intensity

Program Details

PTG athletes train at their home gym with a trainer of their choosing. Our S&C coach will support each trainer with a custom, periodized strength & conditioning (S&C) program designed specifically for snowboarders. Your trainer will assist with technique and fine tuning of the program each week. During camps, we perform physical testing, set goals and bring in sport science experts to support your training program. In addition, PTG athletes have access to our custom online monitoring app to track day-to-day training and recovery. Two levels of program are available: Virtual Program Includes:

  • Athlete specific, periodized Yearly Training Plan
  • 12 month periodized S&C program
  • Mental Skill Assessment and Review
  • Limited Mental Performance consulting
  • 7 months access to athlete monitoring app

Full Program includes:

  • All the above plus;
  • Periodized S&C Camps (3-4 days each, 12 days total)
  • Physical Testing using Canada Snowboard’s Provincial Team Protocol
  • One-on-one goal setting sessions at each camp
  • 12 months access to athlete monitoring app
  • Additional benefits as available

Cost: Performance Training Group (Virtual)

Early Bird Cost (until Nov 13): $1099.99 + HST Regular Cost (after Nov 14): $1159.99 + HST

Cost: Performance Training Group (Full)

Early Bird Cost (until Nov 13): $1699.99 + HST Regular Cost (after Nov 14): $1789.99 + HST


Program registration for 2016 opens April 1. For additional program details and availability, contact Dave Balne.

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